Why?...The Answer - presents a reason for becoming a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. (2007) [21:24] Released

Dionysium Debate - Slavery and the War Between the States: discussion of the question of slavery during the War Between the States. (2007) [43:28] Released

The Forgotten Fort: Ft. Waul - historical presentation of the only Confederate fort west of the Mississippi River commissioned by President Jefferson Davis. (2007) [19:15] Released

Reunion - historical presentation of the Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historical Park in Mexia, Texas. (Spring 2008)  [29:26] Released

Coming Home - the story of the Re-internment of Col. Cullin Earp, 10th Texas Cavalry Regiment, CSA in Upshur Co., Texas (December 2008) [31:00] Released

They Came To Honest Ridge - this is the story of grave dedications of ten Confederate soldiers in the Honest

Ridge Cemetery in Limestone Co., Texas in 2008. (January 2009) [38:00] Released

On a Windy Day - Gene Kinsey Memorials (Not for general public) (May 2009) [60:00] Released

Southern Mariner: Admiral Raphael Semmes - (2010) [25:00] Released

The Road to Succession - one of the first national events of the American Civil War Sesquicentennial.  It will be held in early December at Camp Gilmont, in northeast Upshur County, Texas.  The event featured both an academic symposium and a Living History event and addressed the question: Why did the good and Christian people of the South choose Secession in 1860-61? [38:00] Released

General Twiggs Surrender - a reenactment of the surrender of U.S. forces to the State of Texas and Confederate troops in San Antonio, Texas in 1861. [35:00] Released

Black October 1862 - the true story of the Great Gainesville Hanging, 1862.

(2012) [65:00]  Released

The Lee-Peacock Feud - the true story of the feud (what really happened).  (2014) In production.

- Future DVD projects -

Texas and the War Between the States - an overview of Texas’ role in the War Between the States. 

Lee’s Shock Troops: Texas Brigade – first to attack, last to retreat and always willing to die for Dixie.

The Civil War? - Wait till you see this one!

Indian Soldiers, the Native Southerner - contributions of the Indian to the Southern Cause, and why they did it.


Hispanic Confederates - contributions of Hispanics to the Southern Cause and why they did it. 

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